"But I'm not good enough to get custom-fitted"

The truth is, you are NOT good enough NOT to get custom fitted.

The reason a lot of golfers fail to reach their potential is because

they haven't been custom-fitted. Trying to swing a golf club whose length,

weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size don't match the golfer's

body encourages them to make unnatural compensations which prevent

them from developing better mechanics.

In other words, if your clubs don't fit, you can never hope to be

the best golfer you can be!


Having the correct equipment is THE key component to developing a

repeatable technique.


Total Golf is home to the North West of Ireland's leading, state of the art Custom Fitting Service which offers a choice of the latest golf clubs from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our full complement of fitting equipment includes all the latest offerings from TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist¸ Ping and Srixon/Cleveland.

The jewel in the crown in our game improvement arsenal is the latest “TRACKMAN” launch monitor.  This fantastic technology benefits from a DUAL RADAR tracking system which measures your carry, club head speed, ball speed, impact, launch angle, height, flight-time, shot dispersion and spin rate.  It also displays the type of the shot i.e. draw, fade or straight.                                                                                                                                    


 Armed with all this information, we can recommend the clubs which best suit your swing and body type.


                     For more information or to book your custom fit session click this link or phone 02871353366.


There are 2 different components to custom fitting golf clubs:-




Below, I explain how each works and highlight the importance of getting professional advice when changing your clubs.


Static Club Fitting

We make 3 important checks which help us determine:- (i) the correct length of shaft, (ii) the correct lie angle of the club and (iii) the correct grip size for the particular golfer.


Component (i)

Wrist To Floor and Height Measurement


It doesn't necessarily follow that because a golfer is tall that he/she will require longer clubs. A golfer can be tall with very long arms or short with very short arms. This measurement helps us establish the correct length of club for the golfer.


Component (ii)
Lie Angle Check


This refers to how the club lies on the ground when a golfer takes his/her correct posture and stance. When standing correctly to the ball, the toe end of the golf club should be slightly off the floor. A rough guide is "can you place a 10p peice half way under the toe of the club.

The middle picture shows the correct lie angle with the toe of the shaft slightly off the ground.

Lie angle is important because if the club is too flat to the floor at address, it will cause the toe to catch the ground first, usually resulting in an open clubface at impact causing the shot to go high and to the right of the intended target.

The opposite usually happens if the toe is too upright at address. 



Component (iii)

Grip Size

Incorrect grip size usually results in the hands NOT working as they ideally should in the golf swing. If grips are too small, there is a danger that your hands will become too active in your golf swing, leading to inconsistency, greater shot dispersion and typically too early a release of the club often manifesting itself in a hook or pull. If your grips are too thick, your hands won’t be able to release effectively at impact usually resulting in a block, push or slice.

A simple indicator of correct grip size is to look at the position of the fingers of the left hand (for right handed golfers). If the middle two fingers are putting too much pressure against the pad of the thumb, the grip is too small. If there is an obvious gap between the fingers and the pad of the thumb, the grip is too big. The correct size is when you just touch the pad of your thumb with a slight amount of pressure.



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