Our portable TrackMan works indoors and outdoors enabling us to use it all year round, from our indoor training bay to the outdoor range - even when it rains or snows!

The TrackMan app allows us to integrate data with video on iPad or iPhone giving instant feedback on swing mechanics and data numbers. We can instantly share this data with you both visually and numerically using reports, videos and screencasts.



Trackman can monitor and record data from the moment you take up your stance to the moment the ball stops rolling. This allows us to give you the golfer an exact explanation of the flight, distance and direction of any shot.

We measure 26 data points which accurately measures ball flight and club data.  Armed with all this information, our professionally trained experts can show and explain to you the benefits of having golf clubs tailored to your swing and body type.                                                                                                     

We charge a one off fee for this service of £25.

When you decide to purchase your custom fitted clubs that £25 fee is redeemable against your purchase price, effectively giving you a free service. How’s that for value?